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Every boy should have two things:


a dog, and a mother who lets him have one.

Robert Benchley

Puppy Pricing 

Thank you for your interest in one of our precious pups. We raise our puppies using  Puppy Culture protocols.  This is an important undertaking that leaves a lifelong impression on our puppies.  The investment of time we put into each and everyone of our puppies is far more than just loving and caring for them but EDUCATING them so they can be the best puppy they can possibly be.  We believe this gives them the perfect start to becoming a calm, confident, well adjusted future companion for you and your family. 

Our Doodles Prices:


Mini/Micro Mini


Black, Chocolate (no white)


Phantom or Sable


Tri (Black, Chocolate, Sable)





Mini/Micro Mini

Black or Chocolate



White with Black (most common)


White with Chocolate (less common)


Tri Colored or Tri-Sable (rare)


Merle (rare)




*All Puppies are priced individually according to size, color and markings. The prices above are a general guide, however individual prices for each puppy can be seen on the pictures on the puppy pages found here:


Learn more about sizes, colors and generations here.

The price of a

Perfect Paw Print

Doodle includes:


*Early Neurological Stimulation from day 3-16


*Eight weeks of extensive nurturing, socializing, teaching, exposing and desensitizing, introduction to clicker training, introduction to crate training, introduction to a collar and leash

*First set of vaccinations and de-worming

*Microchipped you will register with your information. This way if your puppy ever gets lost he can be identified

*Going a way bag with a blanket that smells like his family, to help him adjust in his new home, a reusable, washable puppy pad, a toy, dog treats, and food that your puppy is currently eating for transitioning

*Clean Bill of Health from the Vet

*2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

*Strict spay/neuter contract 


We are always accepting deposits for our future puppies! Deposits are $500 and will go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to future litters. While we cannot guarantee we will have the specific gender, color, or coat type of your choice from your desired litter, we CAN guarantee that you will get a healthy and happy new family member! We have extensive knowledge on color genetics and can make an educated guess about what puppies we will be expecting, but Mother Nature ultimately decides what we get! If the litter does not produce the perfect puppy for you,you are more than welcome to pass a litter and wait for the next. Everyone is placed on our list in order of deposits received and puppy picks are made in the order of the list. In the event a litter is not produced like we had hoped for, there aren't enough puppies out of your chosen litter, or one doesn't meet your criteria, then your deposit will go towards our next available litter of your choosing. By placing your deposit with us we assume you agree to these terms. 


The following payment methods are accepted for deposits: 

Venmo: (@perfectpawprints) Venmo is easy to set up and is the quickest way to get your deposit to us!

PayPal: ( select "Friends & Family" or add 3% to your transaction making deposit amount $515.



HAND-DELIVERY: We can hand-deliver your puppy to an airport near you! Your puppy will fly as carry-on with a puppy "flight nanny" in the comfort and protection of the airplane cabin. Hand-delivery to the continental US starts at $500 (depending on location).

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