Perfect Paw Print


So you have decided you want a Doodle?  We would be delighted to assist you in finding the Perfect Doodle for you. We take extreme pride in all of our parent dogs and the puppies we raise.  What joy they bring their adoptive families!  If you're ready to join the Perfect Paw Print pack, below are the 5 easy steps of the Perfect Paw Print process. Follow these steps and before you know it your new family member will be in your arms and stealing your heart.



















  • The first step in bringing in a new member of the family is of course, RESEARCH. Do your homework and figure out the breeder that best meets your needs. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Like my dad always told me, "There is no such thing as a dumb question!" Decide on your breeder first, and then make the commitment to wait for the right puppy. Bringing a puppy into your home should not be a   spontaneous decision and impulse adoptions make us nervous. Adopting one of our puppies,or any puppy, is a big commitment and a long term relationship. If you have read and are familiar with our policies, procedures and breeding practices, and you are convinced that Perfect Paw Prints is the breeder for you, then comes step two. 



Adoption Application




Place A Retainer Fee/Deposit  


  • Next, approved applicants that are serious about a Perfect Paw Print Doodle are asked to place a $500 non-refundable service retainer fee/deposit to hold their place in the selection order. Because of the growing demand for a Perfect Paw Print puppy, we can no longer take a whole bunch of names with no commitment behind them. Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, pictures, etc. all take time.  This fee is non-refundable because it is a payment towards our time and service. Those that pay a service retainer fee show us that they are serious about working with us as a breeder and that they understand their name places them in priority sequence on the Master Adoption List for a puppy.  $500 is then discounted from the overall price of your puppy.  By placing your service retainer fee you agree to the Perfect Paw Print Puppy Purchase Contract.


At Perfect Paw Prints, adopting a puppy is much more than a standard business transaction. We feel a strong and very personal sense of responsibility for the puppies we raise. We devote countless hours and endless energy to each litter lovingly produced.  We place them in the right homes - right for you the owner, and right for the puppy.   


Don't take our word for it though. Our families 

are happy to tell you about their experience with Perfect Paw Prints.  We love our Adoptive Families, and they love their pups!  It certainly shows ....they have the kindest words to share, and we so appreciate their testimonials. View kind words and ratings on our Facebook page.



Bringing Your

Puppy Home


  • HEALTH EXAMINATION: Just prior to 8 weeks our puppies take the big trip to the veterinarian and are vaccinated and given

      a full examination. After they               receive a clean bill of health they         are ready to make their way home       to their new families.


  • HAND-DELIVERY: We can hand-deliver your puppy to an airport near you! Your puppy will fly as carry-on with our "flight nanny" in the comfort and protection of the airplane cabin in a soft crate. Hand-delivery to the continental US starts at $500 (depending on location). This will include your puppy's flight, and transportation to the airport. We can also hand-deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and other countries outside of the continental US, but prices vary by location. 

  • FLY IN: You are welcome to fly in and take your puppy home as a carry-on. We are happy to meet you at the SLC international airport!

  • PICK UP: Local families and those who wish to drive to pick up their puppy are welcome on scheduled puppy pick-up dates!


The Selection Process


  • Then comes the selection process. After you have paid your service retainer fee, your name will be placed on the Master Adoption List of your breed of choice.  Your name will stay on the Master Adoption List until a Perfect Paw Print puppy is firmly in your hands. In addition to the Master Adoption List, there are announced litter lists.  When a litter is announced, each person on the Master Adoption List is contacted in order of the date your name was placed on the Master List and offered a place on that announced litter's list.  At that point a person may take it or pass. Not everyone on the Master Adoption Lists is looking for the same thing. So, the list may seem overwhelmingly long, however, the more flexible you are in color, coat, size, generation, etc. the faster a puppy will come your way.  The pickier you are the higher you need to be on a list.  This means you may have to wait an extended period in order to gain enough seniority on the Master Adoption list to achieve a top selection spot on an announced litter. Occasionally we have "immediate" availability, but if we don't, be assured, they are worth the wait. 

  • Once the puppies from your chosen litter are born, we will contact you and keep you regularly updated.  We do not guarantee the color/pattern of the puppies born but we do our very best to make our families happy.  We have an extensive knowledge of color genetics and we can accurately predict what is possible or probable in each litter in terms of color or pattern.  Color is not a complete mystery to us, however, the way colors or patterns express is out of our control.  Temperament and health come first in our breeding program but we are aware that people also want what they want!  We work very closely with our families so they are happy with their puppy choice.


  • We raise out litters according to the Puppy Culture protocol. Because we are so incredibly hands on with out puppies we are able to accurately assess the different types of personalities and temperament traits that each of our puppies possesses.  We assist our puppy buyers in the choice of their puppy and place a huge emphasis on matching our puppies based on their temperament and suitability to each family, NOT BY COLOR ALONE!  Puppy selections are done at 6 weeks of age when their cute little personalities start to really shine. Soon after that contracts will be sent out. The remainder of the purchase price is due by the puppy's 7th week of age.