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Who We Are

Perfect Paw Prints is located in the beautiful state of Utah, 35 miles north of Salt Lake City. We are a small, in-home, breeding family. We raise Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles. We believe that the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" applies to puppies too! So with each litter we lovingly produce, we put 100% effort into making sure these beautiful babies get all the nurturing, socializing, educating, love and care they need to go to their fur-ever homes as calm, well-adjusted, confident puppies. It's a team effort and it doesn't end with our family that lives under our roof, it extends far beyond that. We have nine children, three still live at home and six are adults with kids of their own. So that means we have grand-angels! Yep! 15 to be exact! 15 perfect, adorable, puppy socializing machines! This gives us easy access to expose the puppies to a variety of ages, sizes and energy levels in a controlled environment! The kids love it and the puppies love it too! It's definitely a win-win! Have I mentioned we are the most popular house in the neighborhood? That is, when we have a litter of puppies, of course! It's not hard to recruit neighborhood kids (and adults) to help with the socialization process! But don't misunderstand, we do this in a very structured manner to create as many experiences as we can to help the puppies learn and grow. We are VERY particular as to when, who, how and what we expose our puppies to.

Why Purchase a Puppy From

Perfect Paw Prints

Our goal, with each litter we lovingly produce, is to know and love them as we would any member of our family. Our dogs are our family, they are not kennel dogs being used for the purpose of breeding. Our puppies are born in our home and remain in our home until the day they leave us around eight weeks old. Our dogs enjoy a normal life, sleeping in our bed, or a similar atmosphere in their guardian home. As breeders we see everyday how incredible a dogs intelligence and emotions actually are, they amaze us, and as such they should have the same place in a family as other members do. A dog will love you unconditionally, forever, no matter what you do. We do not accept anything less than the best for our dogs and for our pups as well.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that the perfect family dog starts with the work done by the breeder early on in life. When the puppies eyes and ears open we begin to expose them to all sorts of sights and sounds. We perform daily enrichment activities to help shape your puppies emotional responses and problem solving skills. This helps them be more emotionally stable and more confident in adverse or challenging situations. We work diligently in providing each puppy we bring into this world with the fundamental basics for the best possible start in life. We start litter box training our puppies as soon as they become mobile to make outdoor potty training an easier transition for you when you take your puppy home. All of our pups experience time in a crate. When they are four weeks old they are moved to their exercise room, an open crate is placed beside their sleeping area. They are able to go in and out as they please. At seven weeks each of them begin spending time alone in a crate for short periods. Our pups are groomed (bathed, blown dry, and combed) several times in our care.

Our pups are raised in our family home, where they receive age appropriate stimulation and enrichment activities. No kennels, no barns, no cages, we personally know each and every puppy we raise. We hold back those pups who appear to exibit breeding potential at birth, and place them in loving guardian homes where they remain their entire life. They come back to us when it is time to breed or whelp. We devote hours and hours to raising clean, healthy, happy puppies. I (Shalees) do not work outside the home. Raising your puppy is my full time job, and I LOVE IT!

When choosing a dog for breeding, much focus is placed not only on gorgeous looks, but a soft, sweet nature. Temperaments originate from the genetic makeup of their parents. If you start with parent dogs of a soft sweet nature, more often then not their pups will also have this endearing trait. Of course many other things can influence temperaments also. Early exposures to the right situations, stimulations and surroundings is crucial and the way they learn to respond to stress or adversity is extremely important. That is why after we choose amazing breeding stock, we take great pride in the way we raise your puppy while in our care for the first 8 weeks of his/her life.

Every litter we produce is carefully thought out with temperament, health, and of course beauty in mind. If you are looking for a great family companion call or message us today!  

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